Friday, July 18, 2014

Why should you vote for me and the final collection

Wow, we are almost there with the Robert Kaufman and Spoonflower competition!!
If you've been following my journey so far you will know that I have been voted one of the top 8 designers out of 650 for a recent competition. But this isn't just any competition. No sir-eee! The prize for this comp is a licensing deal with Robert Kaufman!!

What's the big deal, I hear you ask!

Well, Robert Kaufman is one of the top fabric companies in the States. Lot's of designers submit work to them on a daily basis and get turned away. So to bag a licensing deal with this company is very, very hard to do, if not impossible without an agent representing you. 

What is a licensing deal?

Well, I would get the chance to design a collection for RK and then I would earn a percentage for every sale - which could end up being a LOT of sales

Why do you want to win so much?

Well, #1 this is just a jaw dropping amazing opportunity for any designer and it's something very, very special to add to your C.V/website. If I can say that I have licensed a collection with RK, then all the other companies I approach in the future will (hopefully) prick up their ears and take a little bit more notice of me and my designs- take me more seriously. Competition is fierce in the surface pattern design industry.

So do you want to vote for me? Yes? Cool! Here's How...

Just click on this link, click on my design, go to the bottom and fill in the catchpa. Then you will need to save your vote - This is pretty important- save and check you've voted.

Thanks so much for all your support everyone, this means the world to me!

Here are my final designs - I hope you like them, plus a few extra co ordinates that ended up on the cutting room floor. 

 These are the many co ordinates that could go with these designs

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