Thursday, May 29, 2014

Print and Pattern Feature

Agghhhh.....I've been slacking once again. Why did no one boot me up the bum? I've been rather busy recently and as usual I always forget to blog, so here is a quick round up of all things happening in my neck of the woods.

My most exciting news is that I was featured on Print and Pattern yesterday, which I am pretty flabbergasted about to say the least. If you aren't familiar with this blog, well, it's THE ONE you just HAVE to get on!! I was just very surprised to get on it so soon to be totally honest. Things are certainly moving fast here that's for sure.

I've also been busy with freelance work which is really exciting for me. I'm not used to working to briefs and having trends to follow, so it's quite exhausting (in a good way) trying to take it all in.

As a family, we booked our first "proper"ski trip which I am unbelievably excited about. It's been a very, very long nine years since we last went, so it's long over due. It's going to be great and probably quite hilarious to watch our 9 and 6 year old snow ploughing down the mountain together. I can't wait!!

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