Saturday, June 14, 2014

Busy Bee....

I've been pretty busy of late. Lot's of freelance work and portfolio building. Here's just a wee snippet of a few of the designs I've done in the past week. As you can see my work is becoming more varied. I'm trying to build a broader portfolio that will appeal to different markets.

I was also really excited to find out that I'd been short listed for the Robert Kaufman and Spoonflower competition. I must admit I don't go in for too many competition as I'm not a big fan of public voting. Anyway, I went in for this one because #1 I really liked the brief and #2 the prize was pretty phenomenal - A licensing deal with Robert Kaufman, who is one of the biggest fabric companies in the States. WOW!!!

Anyway, back to public voting - You know what I'm going to ask, don't you? ;) If you would like to vote for me, it's pretty quick and simple AND you don't have to add your email or sign up for anything, so you literally vote and go! Easy! Just click on the link below and look for my design. You then tick it and submit the vote. Job done. I'd really appreciate your vote as this really is a fabulous and once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Thanks so much xx

CLICK HERE TO VOTE There are 100 gorgeous designs on there, but if you'd like to vote for mine just search for the design below.


  1. Hi Ali, best of luck on spoonflower contest! your design is lovely!

  2. Thanks so much Rosie. It's pot luck with these things I reckon, so trying to not get too excited. Thanks for your vote xx