Friday, October 07, 2011

THE Interview and market preparations.....

Well I've survived the school holidays, how are you guys holding up? 
Time spent with the kids without that clock watching is so, so nice for a change. We've crammed a lot into these past two weeks, but somehow I feel strangely relaxed and de stressed. Calm before the storm I think!

I've also been interviewed this week by Mornington Peninsula Handmade!!

Read it here. 

Wasn't sure how I felt at first, but I think I'm a bit proud (she says cringing slightly). Even my husband read it!! He then went on to have a look at my business page on FB, which I honestly don't think he ever has, a quick nosey at my reviews and it all ended with a "mmmm, you seem to be doing quite well" 
Men, honestly!!

Market preparations are finally in full swing and I've been busy every night with fixing ribbons to tags and packaging things up. Being the creative type, making in bulk always seems so wrong to me, but at this time of year (well I've left it a bit late actually!) it's a must, and I'm regularly telling myself at the moment to "stop complaining about how much you have to do woman and JUST GET ON WITH IT"

One final note. Sorry to go on....Cheeky Pickle is soon to be turning 1 (my FB Page that is). I've had the most amazing year and would love to share some of the knowledge that I've learned along the way with any new FB business page owners out there. I'm thinking of including useful tips, what and what not to do, helpful pages for getting started....
Before I start though, would anyone out there be interested? Please comment below or on this FB link. 

Enjoy the last few days of the school holidays everyone. Have fun!! - Ali xx


  1. You're always so busy...You're making me feel like a right lazy slob. I'm now off to read your interview....much love to you Ali xx

  2. I've got some major big markets coming up Nicola and I just realised that I really need to get my act together :)

  3. I started creating garments a month ago, after not sewing for almost 9 years and now I am so addicted again! I would love some advice on getting started and which markets are best for handmade products and how to make the most of Facebook and other stuff ;-)

  4. Thanks Dionne. Not had much feedback on this just yet. Just you and one other person. Will see if anyone else is interested before I do a blog on it. Good Luck with it all though. Let me know your FB business page when you get one :) Ali x