Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting work done in the school holidays!!!!!.......What's going on???

Last school holidays I decided that we should do what every other sane mother does at the end of a very, very busy term. I decided we were going to rest, chill out around the house and do absolutely......nothing!! In my mind is was a lovely picture of lazing around in pj's all morning, baking, doing craft, puzzles and watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang together. I also thought whilst spending so much time at home I could maybe, possibly, and sneakily get some work done. 

Well I could not have been more wrong! It was probably the most stressful holidays ever and by the end of the two weeks we were all well and truly ready for a............break! 

However, not one for making the same mistake twice, this time around I have packed the holidays to the rafters. Art programmes, library visits, intensive swimming lessons and circus skills are a few of the things on my busy bee list. I thought I would put any thought of "getting work done" on the back burner and just go with the craziness of school holidays.

But this morning I got a text off a lovely friend who wanted to take my eldest off my hands for the whole day today (yes she is the sort of friend everyone should have up their sleeve!) Tinkerbell the movie went on for Missy number two and I managed to get two hours solid work done. Amazing!

So here are the finished three pieces in my "little RED" series. I'm loving the fresh look of these, so keep an eye out as there may be more designs to come.

Happy holidays everyone!!

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