Friday, October 21, 2011

A week of frustrations.....AGAIN?

I've had another week of frustrations this week. Australia Post have lost a package that I sent to a customer worth $180 and it has caused me (and my poor customer) all manor of frustrations. But as a friend said to me the other day "well that's business for you!!" it did make me think that up until now i've had it pretty good. I've only lost two packages (both in the same bloomin' month) in all the time I have been running Cheeky Pickle. Which is pretty good going I reckon. I've always had my policies in place, but to be honest I didn't take them that seriously. I just did what other businesses did. How innocent of me, or rather how stupid! Well, no longer! I now take my policies very seriously and will be letting my customers know on a regular basis what these policies are. If you run a small business and have not yet put your policies into place, please, please do so and make sure your customers can view them before they pay for your product :)

 So what else have I been up to?
Market preparations!! I know, I are sick to the back teeth of hearing me go on about them. Trust me, so am I! My house has been turned into a factory with work on every spare surface, including the bathroom!

Finally, if you fancy a giggle at my expense (I don't mind at all, honest) then grab a cuppa, or is it beer time yet? And   have a read of one of my older blog posts, all about my first ever market. First Market Memories. I promise it will give you chuckle and every bit of it is true....sadly!

 Printed and stitched cards....I think there is 168 here, but hey who's counting!

Fifi in pink and green. I KNOW that this Little Miss will be very popular, so I've done a few

Printed and stitchesd 8x10in. Almost finished, just waiting for button eyes to be fixed on.

....and my business cards finally arrived. More frustrations though as they weren't "quite right". I don't seem to have much luck with having things printed!

Here's to a better week next week....Cheers! - Ali xx

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