Friday, September 23, 2011

Thank God for Google!

What a week!! This week I have hardly been off the computer. Googling (is that a word?...probably) schools! Everything from private schools for my eldest (whoa, we really need to start saving some money like yesterday), right through to puppy schools for the "possible" puppy we may be getting (possible I said, possible!!!). At the beginning of this week I knew absolutely nothing about dogs, but if you were to ask me now, I actually think I could confidently take a degree in dog studies. What did we used to do before google?

But anyway, back to work. I was asked by a customer to do a series of three designs to match a duvet set she has in mind for her little girl. She sent me a picture and I loved it. A mix of bright, fresh, modern design with bold colours in red, pink, white, brown and turquoise. A colour combination that I hadn't tried before. This is the pic she sent me.....
......and these are the designs I came up with. This mix of colours work so well together and I LOVE the way they've turned out.

And as far as the puppy hunting goes. Well, I've been introduced to this little fella. We are meeting in person tomorrow...................will let you know if he wins us over. What do you reckon??? :)

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