Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little RED - A new range is emerging :)

On the day that I officially stopped custom orders, I was inundated with guess what.....yep, custom orders. I always thought that I was quite a strong minded person, one that could not be easily swayed, but I soon found out what a wimp I actually was. I found it so, so hard to just say "no" to these lovely customers and ended up taking on a few extra.

 But I am getting stronger and I am saying NO now, before you all think about rushing off and sending me a sneaky e mail :)

Anyway for this next and almost last one of the year I was asked to do a series of six design for two little girls who LOVE ladybirds. The brief I was given was for the design to be modern, obviously include ladybirds in red, white and pink. This did excite me a little bit as I have done one ladybird design before and wanted the opportunity to explore these gorgeous little bugs some more. As I started cutting and pasting and rearranging shapes I soon realised that I needed to do some completely new designs to suit this order. 

Yesterday whilst tidying the girls bedroom, I found this beautiful book in my daughters book box and everything fell into place. A secret garden was now in my thoughts, filled with woodland creatures, pretty flowers and picturesque cottages.

and here are three of the designs that I have completed today. Three to go.........

PRINTS of these designs will be available very soon :)

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