Friday, April 15, 2011

Time out and much needed time with the kids.........

Running a business from home is fantastic......most of the time anyway. When I set up Cheeky Pickle, I really thought I was going to have my cake and well and truly eat it. For most of the time I do, and i LOVE being able to work the hours I like and still be able to do school drop off and pick up.

But sometimes my poor kids do miss out. It's hard for them to understand that even though they can see me and I am physically at home, I'm not really fully there giving them my whole attention. If I have an order to complete, then it has to be done. Something the little ones can't seem to fathom just yet. My three year old now has "in a minute" as part of her main vocabulary and I really do think i could win at the Olympics if they had multi - tasking as a sport!!

So these Easter holidays have all been about the kids. Trying to relax and not do too much work. Harder than it sounds when orders start coming in...........

So we've kept it simple. Craft activities, plays at the park, baking, story telling, T.V watching (I may be good, but i'm no Mary Poppins) and lot's of cuddles. Not much cleaning, car rides, rushing around or Facebooking(!) - that will be me....


  1. It sounds like a perfect way to spend the holidays , enjoy !

  2. Thanks Clare. I think kids now a days get so overloaded with stuff. Being driven from one activity to the next. That sometimes it's nice just to "keep it simple" Hope you are enjoying the holidays too. :O)

  3. I love simple and don't the girls look they are having a ball.
    We have been doing loads of outdoor fun whilst the weather is kind to us.
    Loving the movie with Miss A and we are going to see another one next week.
    ps. hugs to the girls.
    pps. Miss A was talking up a storm about her Melbourne friends just the other day. And said "hey Mum I haven't seen Maddy for ages!".... go figure what they remember ;)

  4. Hey Pip,

    Don't think my Maddy has as good a memory, sadly!

    What film did you see? We are going next week, but nothing is standing out for me. Maybe Rio.

    Enjoy your Easter and love to all xx