Monday, April 11, 2011

Easter Holidays....Ahhhh

Thank Goodness the Easter Holidays have arrived. We've had a very busy term over at our house, what with ballet, swimming, gymnastics, little one starting Kinder and big one going into Grade 1 (sniff, sniff....where did the time go?) We've also had my mother and father in law over from the U.K, staying with us for a month (YES you did hear me correctly.....need i say any more on that subject??)

Business has been fantastic. I finished the large card order ready to be sent to the U.K, i've had lot's of custom orders and finally managed to sell not one, but two items on my Madeit site. Yippee....

I just thought i'd show you some pics of a work in progress that i have recently completed. I was contacted by Amanda, a lovely girl who owns Designer Mumma and makes the most gorgeous childrens clothes and frilly nappy covers. She wanted me to design three items that she could place on her market stall, advertising her brand in the logo's colours. I was excited by this and a bit apprehensive as one of the things she wanted me to do was a design displaying a nappy cover. I was a bit stumped by this one to say the least and thought "how on earth am i going to make this look good!!"

However, after having a good look through her Facebook page i could see that she was quite regimented in the way she photographed the covers. Most peoples nappy covers look "frilly" where as hers looked rather straight and uniform.

Anyway, take a look at the pics ..........

My first choice of papers to match Amanda's logo. Not great, something was missing....

I changed the muted green to a brighter one and it looked much better

 First attempt at the "frilly" nappy covers and i loved it

First attempt at doing a boy. Something i have been meaning to do for ages and one of the reason i LOVE doing custom orders. I am always pushed to do something that i have either been putting off or something i have never thought of before.
The three finished design, stitched and ready to go.

Personal favourite

Now i'm totally up to date with orders and can spend some quality Easter egg hunting and eating time with these two little monkeys....

Always the leader, my little one can never stop herself when it comes to jumping into the sea, even April in melbourne, brrrr! Big one ALWAYS has to follow the leader...........But hey, memories are made of this aren't they?

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