Monday, March 28, 2011

March Madness

Oh WOW. It's been a while and i do apologise for being so slack with my blog this month. I have just been snowed under with so much work. I knew 2011 was going to be the year for Cheeky Pickle, but didn't realise just what was waiting around the corner.

This month started with a great market over at Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula. I knew that customers were starting to take my work a bit more seriously when they were literally fighting over a stitched elephant! No longer was I getting the "Oh that's cute" comment, more "I'll take two of these please, and do you do custom orders."

Next came Facebook. I decided that i was going to get to 500 "likers" even if it killed me this month. I have worked so hard trying to promote myself, and by golly I got there, and then some...... It's made all the difference to my business and now the orders are flooding in. Lot's of custom orders, which i just LOVE doing, they make me go down paths i had never thought of going before. A few shop orders, one close, one interstate and an international one,  for stitched cards and an order of wine tags, which is completely new for me. Loving the challenge though.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased from me and HUGE thanks for all the lovely,positive feedback and comments.

Next came madeit. I have been wanting to get my products onto this wonderful craft site for what feels like an age. Finally got around to it this month. Bit of an anti climax though as i've sold diddly. I'll keep plugging away, i don't give up that easily.
Cards, cards, cards..........

 My absolute favourite design of all time. LOVE these papers. 

More from the "Little Missy" range. Again, very, very popular.

I had a lovely blog wrote about my "Oh so pretty" range by Kelly over at i love pretty things, which was very exciting, and a bit humbling.

Finally, I've just had an order all the way from "Old Blighty" I may not have made it back "home" in six years, but fifty of my cards are heading that way pretty soon! 

Next month i really want to do some *****Now that would be telling. I'll keep you posted!

Just a couple from my "Oh so pretty" rage which has been "Oh so popular"!

Tree houses

Wine tags with an Aussie theme. I love the earthy feel.and can't wait to design more.

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