Monday, January 17, 2011

My first order 2011.....bring it on!

It's official. Holidays are finally over....sniff, sniff!! I have had a friendly kick up the backside in the guise of a shop order I received at the weekend........ Thank God. I thought I was going to go spare wasting my days just doing nothing. You see, I don't relax. Ask anyone who knows me. I can't relax, I've tried so hard, but alas it's a total impossibility. Relaxing is just not in my blood, my bones, my anything. So bring it on, more work please!!
The lovely Manda called me from her gorgeous shop, at the weekend. She asked for a couple more designs to match one of my boats she sold earlier in the week. Very traditional and very boyish with a simple, yet bold design.
A few ideas
 Back at the wheel, hooray
 Simple and bold, love it
The finished product. Framed and ready to go.

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  1. Fabulous stuff. Glad you're back at the wheel. It must be production week this week. xop