Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My first finished designs for 2011..............the ones i'm proud of anyway

Thanks to my other half, who looked after the kids on Friday and who now thinks i'm some sort of angel with the patience of a Saint. Yes, sadly the school holidays have been a few weeks too long this year, to say the least.
Anyway, I've finally had a few hours spare to put those gorgeous papers in red to some good use. As soon as i started cutting and putting ideas together it made me think of designs from the 50's. I think it was the red and the turquoise together. Anyway that has sent me off on another creative tangent of 50's icon items.......sewing machines, food mixers, weighing scales, Doris Day (LOVE Doris Day) So fingers crossed i will get a few more hours away from my beautiful children this weekend to put some more of what's in my head down on paper.
Next big project.......getting my Madeit site up and running. Watch this space..................................
But for now, enjoy these little lovelies.
The original papers
I'm loving working with this gorgeous paper with writing on. It just seems very classy.
Apples, apples, apples
More apples
An apple card, want to do more fruit cards. Pears especially as i love the organic shape and can't wait to use greens. 
Flowers. Very fresh on a white background
My old bird favourite. This is a new style of wings for me though
New style of flower. Can't wait to try some new ideas with this shape.
Series of three
Time for tea? These are my favourites.....today
The writing paper has a newspaper feel
I love the simplicity of this boat and the subtly yet vibrant colours.

Bold and very traditional
Yes, it's amazing jut what you can achieve when you are given a few hours without ANY distraction.....

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