Friday, January 02, 2015

Being Present

Well I suppose it's that time again isn't it? New Year! I must admit I do love a fresh start, a new page to write on and starting over. But I'm not a huge fan of new years resolutions. To me, if you are going to change something, why wait? Do it now, do it today! Maybe it's all those years working as a personal trainer and listening to the many excuses my clients had for me ...."I promise to start a fresh on Monday Ali, promise!" that has turned me into such a cynic, I don't know!

2015 has quietly crept upon me and I haven't even begun to think about my goals for this year. I have a vague idea, but I'm not in any rush to write it all down and start ticking things off. No. It's holiday time here in Australia and my children have nine weeks off school in the glorious sunshine. I was kind of dreading it a little, I mean, nine weeks for Gods sake, that's crazy. But now we are four weeks in I can honestly say I don't want it to end. Gone are the early mornings, the busy rushing into and out of cars, racing to after school activities and gone are those stressed little faces worrying about projects due and having to give talks. We are all relaxed, happy, chilled and just enjoying being together. It's lovely.

So if you were to put me on the spot right now I would say that that is my new years resolution.

Being "present" with my family 

We've all lost the plot a little in todays world and we've kind of forgot what it's all about don't you think? Do we really have to be on our phones all the time? Do we really need to find out what's going on in the world 24/7? Do we have to constantly be checking our FB and the groups we are in- who are those people we are wanting to spend more and more time with away from our families anyway? Yes, I'm not innocent, I do it....all the time and it's a bad, bad habbit!

Yes it's very easy to say all this when I'm on "holiday" and relaxed, but I really am going to try my best to step back a bit from the world a little more often. Take a step back, take a few deep breaths and remind myself that none of it is really real! What is real and what is most important is family. Being present with my family. Well that's my view anyway.

Happy New Year - Ali xxxxx

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