Thursday, December 04, 2014

What's Happening!

Busy, busy, busy....

Blimey I've been busy recently. How about you? Christmas is on its way I suppose, so we are all run off our feet! I feel like I'm at school more often than I'm at home these days, what with all the end of year concerts, assemblies, sports events and everything else. Christmas shopping hasn't even started at my house yet. 

My girls finish school in a couple of days and I'm not quite sure how I feel about the 8 weeks off they will be getting. Yes you heard me correctly.....8 weeks! We are all totally exhausted though and we are desperate for some down time, sleep ins and just getting to know each other again without the whole "quick get up, get in the car, put your ballet gear on, homework time........!!" It's exhausting isn't it?! 

Alongside the general goings on with daily life, I've been busy writing again. I keep coming back to the writing malarky don't I? I must like it!! Anyway, as you may well know I've produced my first e book - From Little Things, which tells the story of my personal business journey, warts and all! I also give out loads of hints and tips for running a successful creative business within the 102 page book (all text!) 

Anyway the book has sold really well and it's been so lovely hearing back from my readers. You can read a few of the reviews here


So onwards I go and back to the computer it is. This time I've decided to write a few mini e books, aptly named The Minis! For these little books I will be concentrating on certain areas of creative business: Markets, Trade Shows, Business Plans, Accounting and Where to start if you are a complete beginner. 

The first one is a 17 page book about wholesaling to shops. It covers:


The difference between selling on consignment and wholesaling
Working out your consignment prices
Examples of consignment spreadsheets
Approaching shop owners - what is expected of you and building relationships
Getting paid


Wholesale explained
Working out your wholesale prices
Why you need an on line catalogue
Example of an online brochure
Example of a wholesale brochure
Example of a wholesale order form
Emailing potential customers - What to put in the e mail
Follow up procedure with shops
Moving forward - Introduction to Trade Shows

What Else....

Well I finally got myself onto Etsy and am busily trying to make a few sales on there. I do love the look of Etsy, it's so sleek. Gorgeous!

And at long last, after waiting what felt like years for my embroidered labels, I've finally managed to get my T Towels out there. I've also been busy making up some lovely summer tote bags. I'm not a natural seamstress so after battling with the sewing machine I'm on the look out for a seamstress who has a little more patience than me.......which shouldn't be hard at all! 


  1. Can't wait for your mini books Ali. Love the tea towels and tote bags. It's a pity I'm in Brisbane would have loved to help you out a little bit with your totes!

  2. Ooops sorry Jennifer, I've only just seen this! Thanks so much. Yes it would be nice to be closer wouldn't it?! xx