Saturday, March 29, 2014

New work, My First Licensing Deal and The Book

It's been a busy few weeks. I got my first licensing work with Keka Cases so have been busy putting that together. So after just 6 months of starting my surface pattern design journey, I can proudly say I am a licensed designer. Pretty amazing really when 6 months ago I'd never even touched Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Since starting the ABSPD course, I've designed work I love and feel proud of, I've created my own website and now I have my first licensing deal! Phew! It just shows you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

The book is coming together now and I should receive the first flow of it tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited to finally get my hands on the "almost" finished product!

The Book!

Keka Licensing Deal

New work I've been working on. I can honestly say I LOVE these designs....I'm hoping that my style is finally starting to happen


I've also been super busy putting the second blog together - Top Tips from Top Surface Pattern Designs/Illustrators. Did you read the first one? If not, it featured top tips from some amazing surface pattern designers including Lotta Jansdotter, Rachel Cave, Rachael Taylor and many more! Read it here. So who's in it? Get ready for this mammoth list! So excited to bring this to you very soon!

Veronica Galbraith
Zoe Ingram
Khristian A Howell
Jessica Hogarth
Pink Light Studio
Flora Waycott
Rosie Simons
Victoria Johnson
Jilly P
Julie Hamilton


  1. Wait a minute.....SIX months?....and you're a LICENSED designer?.....which is completely deserved, of course, because your designs are AMAZING!....but you had no previous experience with PhotoShop or Illustrator?.....I'm just....WOW....six months? Can I be you? Please?

    1. You can do it Erica. Anyone can. You just have to be bloody determined. Yes I had never touched Illustrator before starting the course which was probably September 2013. I had bought PS Elements but had been too scared to go on it. I had played a little with it but that was mainly trying to figure out how to resize pics etc. But no, as far as designing goes I basically started last September. The key is get on and do and do something EVERY day. Good luck!! xx