Friday, January 24, 2014

Procrastination be gone!

I've had a busy few weeks since 2014 commenced. In fact I can't believe just how much one can do in three weeks!

So where are all the new products you've been going on about, I hear you ask?!

Well, that's the thing with running your own business, things take TIME. The biggest headache for me is the research. Researching new products, how to make them, which suppliers to use, sending off for samples, sending off for more samples, finding a price that sells and that I can make a few $$$, finalising designs, taking the photographs and then getting them into the shop! Phew!

So that's why when you hear me excitedly talking about a new product, it can actually take weeks before you see the final thing. Then it's all about crossing ones fingers in the hope that it catches your attention and sells!

 Fabric covered notebooks for Mothers Day. GORGEOUS, but so time consuming!

Printed notebook samples. Got them back from the printers and the colour wasn't right! Arrggg.....more samples required!

New designs

Creative brains are SO not meant for business

Sometimes it's nice to actually get something finished, rather than it taking weeks and weeks. I have a to do list as long as your arm and my new years resolution was TO DO and not to procrastinate. Or more than likely, start 5 projects all at the same time. 

Creative brains are so not meant for business. But yesterday I was determined to do some positive ticking off of that darn list! I managed to do something that had been playing on my mind for a long time. I finally got all my logo's, business cards, stickers and banners finalised! It was a massive, massive job which literally took me from 6am - 6pm, but I did it! I also sorted my email out, so finally I am now

Here the are

Doesn't look much does it? But totally sorting out your whole brand in one day is pretty amazing....if not a bit mental! It's funny, when I started Cheeky pickle years ago I didn't even know what the word brand meant. I had an idea, but as far as business was concerned, I didn't have a clue. Now im so, so sure of how I want my ali benyon designs brand to look and feel that I was confident to just go for it and I'm really pleased with the results! P.S - Knowing some basic photoshop and illustrator skills has been an absolute God send for me in sorting out my brand. If you get the chance, Do ONE. It will save you a small fortune in graphic designer bills later on!

I have something playing on my mind....

Another idea I have going through my mind at the moment is to write a "How to start your own small craft business" E Book. Cheeky Pickle has been going for quite a while now and I feel like I've got a lot of experiences that I can re tell. Or more to the point I have this yearning to write again and to help out new, small craft businesses! So I think I'm going to be busy for quite some time. If you have any ideas about the book or questions you'd like answered I'd love to hear from you :)

Have a lovely day
Ali xx

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