Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Writing, Magazine Articles and Trade Show Preps!

Well it's been a while hasn't it?! 

When things get busy the first thing that tends to get put on the back burner is the blog I'm sorry to say. However, I have been stupidly busy for the past three months, so do feel I have an excuse! Too busy in fact!

So what have I been up to?

Well the big project at the moment and what is at the forefront of my mind 24/7 is the LifeInstyle Trade show coming up on the 1st August. You wouldn't believe the amount of behind scenes work there is to do for it.

The main thing was getting the look book together, so that was finishing designs, photographing them, editing and then putting it all together on Photoshop. You may not think it looks like much but I can assure you, it was weeks of work! I've now got my postcards printed and am just waiting for my stands to arrive, they'd better hurry up!!

I got featured in the Herald Sun this month too which was a dream come true to be honest. A tiny step up the ladder, which felt great! I'm proud to say I've been featured quite a few times this year. You can read all the features here

The other thing on my mind at the moment is the book I'm writing. Now that the contract is signed and I've been given my deadlines, I feel like I can talk about it a bit more. I was contacted by the publishers, C and T Publishing in March (ish) asking if I wanted to write a book. Well my first reaction was, yeah, right, of course this is legit....not! But after lots of research I found that yes they were legit and in fact the books they produce look gorgeous, right up my street. So I'm writing a book for tweens on stitching into paper and have to come up with 20 October! Gulp indeed!

Other things that are coming up are an article by me for Bespoke magazine, due out this month. The article is about Supporting each other in the Handmade Community and it's something I feel very strongly about. I hope you enjoy it.

In August and September I have two magazine articles coming out. One for PaperCrafter Magazine and one for Made in Paper magazine, so I'm really excited to see them. Let me know if you see them if you're in the U.K. Before you ask, the Aussie mags don't seem interested in featuring me....yet!

So from now until Christmas its all go, go, go for this Cheeky Pickle. I have more ideas that I'm hoping will come to fruition over the next couple of months, including some fabric covered notebooks, which are really lovely. A perfect gift for Christmas. I'm making some up for teachers presents for my girls as soon as I can!

Oh and we can't forget about the one thing that seems to have stopped work for the past few days!! Meet Rosie, our new gorgeous little puppy!!!

If you'd like to visit me at a local market on the lead up to Christmas, here are the dates

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