Monday, January 07, 2013

A New Year

I realise that I don't blog enough. It's not because I don't want to. It's just that my blogs are never short, are they? Come on let's face it. When I say grab a cup of tea, I actually mean grab a POT of tea, a pack of hob nobs and stick the kettle on for round two, don't I?.

So this year I have decided to blog more, yet chat/babble/go on/ramble less! My husband would be shaking his head at this point if he was reading this as he knows that everything I do and say is very long winded! But I am determined.

So here goes, lets see if I can do it...................

Christmas has been lovely and we are really enjoying this break. Hubby took a whole two weeks off work (unheard of) and we all have really relaxed. Lot's of time has been spent at the beach, walking the dog and the bits of DIY that we have done have earned us a few glasses of wine at night time!

We dog sat for a couple of weeks, which has left us wanting another dog. Dougal was SO happy having a friend to play with and he seems so lonely now she's gone. Have a look at this pic, Dougal and his friend Poppy. To the right is a croched version by Suzanne Houghton Designs - Total coincidence, but how bloomin' cute hey!

We have decided after 4 years of "renovating" that this year has to be it. It's now or never Trevor. We will finally finish the house and get it on the market, that's our New Years Resolution I suppose. So all those small jobs that keep getting put on the back burner are now being tackled, head on. We have a goal and we are going for it!

2013 is going to be very exciting. It has some big changes for us, new schools, a new house and a new decade for me (I turn 40 in a few days.....eeeeek!)

                                                      Photo by Abi Harrington Photography

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  1. Wow that ended very suddenly Hahahaha

    I was waiting for the next bit.....