Tuesday, October 02, 2012

What exactly makes your customer "unlike" your FB page?

Top eight things that put a customer off your Facebook page

Do you ever wonder....why do people un like my Facebook page? Is it the posts I write, the content, the regularity....? Some people can get a little number obsessed with Facebook, but at the end of the day we all want our pages to work don’t we, whatever number of likes we have? We want to make sales, interact with our customer and let them see a little of the real person behind the business.

I held a little chat on my Facebook page recently and asked the question: Why do you un like a business page? It was obviously a great talking point and I had some fantastic feedback. So, using all of my own customers ideas and points of view on the subject, I have compiled a list of the top eight things that annoys your customer and other business page owners the most about your posts on Facebook

1. Bitching, drama, whingeing, unfounded accusations of design theft. This is a biggie. JUST DON’T DO IT!

2. Spamming a business page you have just “liked” with blatant, promotion of your own business and photo’s of your work. PLAIN RUDE

3. Rude and offending posts. “If you don’t like me and my posts, then un like me, I don’t care!” kind of attitude.

4. Eight or more posts per day with little or no information relating to your business.

5. Sporadic posting. Not posting for weeks on end. The customer feels a bit lost and wonders if you are still operating as a business.

6. Being too personal “please buy my work as I have bills to pay” You know the ones. They cross the line big style. Swearing also comes in to this category too.

7. Hard sell. Posting one after another, “you must buy this”

8. Posting for postings sake. If you have nothing to say, then don’t try to find things to say. Keep it to your personal page.

To sum up, here is a list of things you should be doing...

If you want a really great working Facebook page that engages your customer, this is what you SHOULD be doing (and YES, before you point the finger. I will be taking (or trying to take) my own advice too on this one!!) .....

  • Don’t post more than four times a day

  • Be YOU. If you try to be someone else, your customer will see through you, so make sure you put your best foot forward and let your true personality shine.

  • Spread your posts out throughout the day, morning, noon and night, making each post totally different. Maybe the first one could be something a little personal, the next one about a sale you are having and the third could be sharing a great page you have just come across.

  •  DO NOT whinge, moan, and bitch about other pages. If you have an issue with copying e.t.c., just e mail the page directly and keep your own integrity intact. It looks so unprofessional and sadly, you will come off looking worse!

  •  Don’t LIKE a page and in the same post ask them to like you back. It’s just shallow and rude!

  • Try to direct your posts more towards your customer and not to other business page owners (this is one I’m working hard on too)

  • The odd funny picture or anything else that is unrelated to your business is great, but posting this type of content on a regular basis makes your “real” customer feel a bit put off and let down. They have liked your page because they love your work. So show them all the new work you are producing regularly.
  • There is a fine line when trying to show the person behind the business and at the same time keeping it professional. It’s a tricky one this one. We all know that these personal posts are the ones that usually get the most clicks, likes, shares e.t.c., so it’s tempting to keep on doing it. But try and keep these posts to a minimum, maybe two times per week. You can show your personality in every post if you wish, using your personality, humour and the type of pictures you share. Just keep the family photos to a minimum.

  • Keep away from controversial topics. You don’t know all your FB followers personally and you can offend people very easily. Your reputation can be ruined in just one post, so it’s easier to just steer well clear of anything that may offend.

  •  Welcome your new customers. There is nothing worse than a clicky page, where the page owner only talks to their groupies. The newbie’s will feel left out, unwelcome.....and they will quickly move on.

  • Try and keep the three R’s in mind when posting. Keep it regular, relevant and also (when you can) rewarding (you can achieve this simply by sharing a great page you have come across, by sharing another pages free offer /download e.t.c)

  • Finally, you shouldn’t always take it personally. People sometimes like your page and then later on realise you weren’t their cup of tea after all. That’s o.k. Your work may have changed and they may no longer like what you do. That’s life! Just stick loosely to the rules above and be yourself!! Good Luck!!

Thanks to all my own Facebook likers who, with all their comments at the recent chat we had, gave me the incentive and content to write this blog.

I have written another blog on this subject which you may be interested in reading. Read it here tips for posting on Facebook

Good Luck!


  1. Thanks for this. I have just set up my FB page after 8 years in business. I hope it will drum up some business but I think getting the balance right is going to be quite difficult. Your blog has answered a few questions that I had, so thank you! Helen @ Katiepie Designs

  2. This is such an informative read! Another way to keep your customers visiting your page is to be conversational with your fans. Respond to their queries and make sure that they are satisfied with your answers. Keep in touch with them always.

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