Tuesday, January 03, 2012

PART 1 - A New Year, A New Start

2012 is finally upon us and a fresh new start is here to be grasped by both hands. I have not made any New Years Resolutions for years, but this year I seem to have goals, resolutions and affirmations all listed and raring to be implemented

So why now, why this year??

This year and the opportunities it offers feels very different for me on many levels. Not only is my little business looking less like an expensive hobby and more like a real job, but my personal life is also starting to look a lot more settled.

 My hubby and I having been living under a lot of stress since the birth of our youngest daughter, four years ago. She had a very traumatic birth and was not breathing when she finally popped on out. After spending two weeks in intensive care, our poor and brave little Pickle has since been through a barrage of tests, medical problems and has been in and out of hospital more times than I care to remember.

I think (everything crossed) that this bumpy part of our life is finally settling down. We now seem to be spending more time doing fun things with her and less time sitting in doctors private waiting rooms, attending what seems like endless appointments with medical professionals and anxiously waiting and hoping for negative test results. I would like to write a blog about little Greta one day. More of a way for me to finally close the door on probably the most horrible few years of my life and to move on for good :)

I have been feeling SO, so positive that 2012 is going to be our year, that over the last week or so I have been ridiculously busy organising my house, life and business to within an inch of it's life, and boy does it make you feel good! If I could see it, I would be sorting it, organising it and going off to Bunnings to buy a box for it! My problem in life is that I leave things/jobs/tasks for too long. Until it gets so overwhelming that I feel I can't do any of it as there is just sooo much to do. So I thought I'd do things differently this year and I so wrote numerous lists. Here goes.....

Kids Room

Under each heading, I wrote the to do list which was pretty huge and rather daunting. So (I imagined) each day I could pick and choose what I did, so it wouldn't get too overwhelming and also too boring for me.

I know myself well and if I didn't write these lists, I would have spent the whole school holidays ticking off all the jobs on the BUSINESS to do list (which would obviously include spending lot's of time on the computer!!! Mmmm, now there's a time waster if ever there was one!) and not go anywhere near the kids toy boxes for example or all the rubbish in the garage that needs a good sort out.

I am sure that I am just doing what everybody else in the world does, but for me it was a first to not only write the list, but to, No:1 not lose the bloody thing and No:2  for me to actually accomplish what I set out to do without my mind wandering off  to something I feel is much more important.....like FB!!

 I thought I could slowly work my way through the lists over the holidays and euphorically tick each job off with a pat on the back. Well, I am shocked and rather pleased to announce that I've almost completed the whole damn list. Tick, tick, tick to me, I say:)

But HOW did I do it all so quickly, I hear you ask (my little voice is in there in chorus with you)?

Well I'm not totally sure, but all I know is that instead of my usual routine of lazing in bed with a coffee at 6am, which can last for at lest an hour.... I mean you have to check your e mails and FB posts first thing in the morning, in peace before the kids get up, and this can take some time, right? :) So instead, I have been actually getting UP at 6, going for a run and starting my day showered, dressed and in an AWESOME frame of mind, ready to rock and roll by 7.30!

So already, and this is before you could even sniff the first fireworks of 2012,  I had learned three valuable lessons and had implemented the first of my now, New Years Resolutions for 2012

2. Get UP and DO
3. Get out of my comfort zone and SEE and DO things differently

Oh and let's not forget 3A - Stay off FB, it's EVIL!

Next post I will talk about how I have laid down plans to get my BUSINESS on track for 2012. Hope to get this to you in the next few days.

Would love to know how you are changing your life this year. Please post below. Cheers - Ali x


  1. Wow Ali you go girl, sounds like a military exercise. Goodness knows how you manage to go for a run in the mornings. It's all I can do to drag myself out of bed.
    I'm eagerly awaiting part 2 !!
    Hoping you'll teach me loads.

  2. Don't think i can teach you anything Nicola, you're an old hand at all this now :) New year, new us and with a spanking new hair do to boot!!