Thursday, November 17, 2011

So who floats my boat?

I have had many artistic influences over the years, but the artist who has stayed with me since I first saw his beautiful book, many moons ago, is Andy Goldsworthy. He is a British Land Artist and photographer. His "thing" is to create Art with what is there, what is around us and what is staring us in the face every day.

And to me there is nothing more excitingly beautiful than Mother Nature herself.

Colours, shapes, textures and the way it makes you feel and changes your mood. Who needs a paint pallette when you have autumn leaves burning with colour on a clear day, a bare, brittle tree in winter on a cold, crisp morning, a bush full of juicy, ripe blackberries, deep and moody in colour, ready to be picked....

Just look at these colours, amazing!!

I have always loved nature and being outdoors, and I know that it has influenced me artistically from a very early age. I love nothing better than climbing to the top of a big hill in Scotland in winter, breathing in the fresh air, camping by a gushing river in the Lake District in autumn, skiing down a huge mountain in Italy and watching the ocean raging into shore and the sun going down on the Mornington Peninsula.

 I think the colours, organic shapes and textures are what influence me the most and not only do I always gravitate towards browns and greens when I am choosing clothes for myself (I have tried getting my girls into browns but they are most definately PINK girls, unfortunately), but I am finding that as an adult, I am decorating my home also in these mood enhancing and calming colours.

So as I gradually move away from doing my childrens art (don't worry, I will still be doing my childrens ranges) and edge slowly into the unknown (home decor) I am once again looking more and more at nature. It seems only right for me, now that I have gained back my designers confidence after having children, to go back to where I left off and where I feel most comfortable. Nature.

One of mine! - A layering technique that I have been working with. I am loving the texture of these designs and can't wait to have the time to try different colour combinations. This one looks like snake skin, not that that was my initial intention, LOL!!

As I continue to explore new ideas/concepts, try different techniques and not be scared in trying out something new, I always seem to "come back home" to Andy Goldsworthy, who some how guides me back to where I want to be and powerfully influences me with his extrordinary and (I personally find) very moving Art.

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