Thursday, February 17, 2011

My very frustrating day

It's official. I hate taking photo's of my work. I actually think that it takes me longer to take a decent photo than it does to design and make the thing!! Lighting, position, outside, inside, background...................It's amazing and very, very frustrating just how good or bad your work can look by slightly varying the above. Here are some pics of  my very frustrating day trying to put together some great "selling" photo's for my MadeIt store. I'm no perfectionist, but i refuse to put anything up there that doesn't actually look like the real thing. But after today's annoyances, i think that unless i hire a professional photographer, it just 'aint gonna happen!!
Outside with a plain backdrop
Inside under electric lighting. Supposedly the worst way to photo, but seems to be the best of the bunch..???
Inside near a window with natural light
inside near a window with natural light


  1. A tip or two.... always photograph outside, a shaded spots.

    As your pieces have so much colour then use a simple background (not telling you anything you don't already know - you're a hot artist!)

    Hun, you don't need a professional just practice 'til you feel right.

    So agree that the shot is the selling piece online.

    Everything is looking amazing... keep going.
    hugs your #1 fan, p

  2. Thanks Pip. You know my problem more than anyone. I don't have the patience. The ones i put on Fb last night are much better, but they took me ages to do. I've found some lovely hemp type material for the background and i'm just putting different papers with that as a contrast. I also find i prefer the angle shot rather than straight on, it's looks more professional.
    Thanks again, i will keep plodding on.
    Just heard Dave say under his breath "could do with a clean in here" Don't know whether to get the heavy duty frying pan out or the mop!! - what do you suggest? xx