Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy, busy....................

Kids back at school/kinder = GREAT. Kids back at ballet/swimming/gymnastics/birthday parties... = NOT SO GREAT.............. But finally i'm getting back into some kind of work routine, which for me is wonderful! As i've said before, i'm useless at relaxing, so routine is good. Stops me thinking, gets me motivated and gets me moving. Shop orders are coming through thick and fast now and a market just around the corner means lot's of cutting, pasting and sewing. I just wish i could get all of these things finished, packaged and delivered.


  1. wow, looks like you have got lots done! im envious, i need to adapt some of your time management skills obviously!

  2. It's not easy with the little ones George. I have about 6 solid hours a week now with my youngest at 3 yr old. I just work solidly for that whole time as i know i won't get any other time in the week. i love it though!