Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Final Three

The Final Three

It's been a busy few weeks (as usual) and full of ups and downs.

I've been really busy putting my designs together for the Robert Kauffman and Spoonflower competition and also getting my interview questions finalised. Now I'm in the top 8, I have to put together a collection of work that will accompany my main design.

I'm really excited about having this opportunity, so have spent five whole days designing the final three designs. I've chopped and changed them so many times. Badgered, or should I say annoyed my friends and family for their opinions (even the dog had a say!) to the point where I sent myself a bit loopy with it all.

I don't know what's been wrong with me, I've never been so nervous about designing before. Maybe it's the licensing contract with Robert Kaufman, the $1,000 and Wacom Tablet prize!! Gulp, yes that could possibly be why I've been a little more hesitant than usual.

So after much deliberation, I've chosen the final three designs and so let God/The Universe.......or rather, let the public have their say!! I'll let you know when you can me, I'll be letting you know all right ;)


I've been getting familiar with Instagram of late and am actually quite liking this social media platform. The girls have been off school this week, so I've been taking pics left, right and centre. I think it's so nice to see everybody's life in pictures, so I hope to be "Instagramming" a lot more in the coming weeks/months. You can join me here -

We are done!

I received the hard copy of my book this week too and had all of 24 hours to do the final edits and send it back to the States! So the next time I see my book, it will be!! I remember my family and I taking a few days holiday away about a year ago and nervously putting pen to paper and writing the first few lines. That seems like a lifetime ago. It's been a long journey and a lot harder than I initially thought it would be. But it certainly has been a major achievement and I really can't wait to physically hold it in my hands now - It should be out November 2014

I was Interviewed

I was interviewed early on last month by the Art and Business of Surface pattern Design and the Make it in Design team and I'm really, really happy with the way my blog feature looks. The pictures look lovely and even though I did waffle slightly (of course), it was all totally honest and from the heart. It's sometimes a bit hard to come across as yourself in interviews because you are also trying to be very professional. But I'm really chuffed with the way this one turned out. You can read it here -  Make It in Design - Ali Benyon Designs

What's Next?

Well I think July will be all about the Robert Kaufman/Spoonflower comp and trying my hardest to win!!!!

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