Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rules you MUST keep when getting a new dog

Dougal, our gorgeous Cavoodle turns eight months tomorrow, so we have been looking back on a few (hundred!) pics of him today and I thought I'd share a few.

Dougal is extremely cute as you can see and he gets lot's of attention whenever we are out with him. So much in fact that at school I am now known as Dougals mummy and when we are out in town we can hear whispers behind our backs saying "look, mum, there's Dougal!" He is certainly famous around our town

However, before we got him, we set a few house rules that we all said that we would adhere to. Yeah, right! How many do you reckon we kept?

1. Dougal will NOT be allowed on any bed.

2. He will NOT be allowed on the sofa

3. We will NOT buy any of those silly winter jackets for him, however cute he may look in them.

4. He will NOT be allowed up at the kitchen table or in the bathroom.

....and we shall NOT give in to his puppy dog eyes when cooking bacon on a Sunday morning

5. He will NOT give me mothers guilt by whimpering at the window when we leave the house....................

.......or by just looking so damn cute

6.We will NOT give him stupid names like...
* Mr Dougs
*Dougal Wougal
*Dougie Wougie

7. We will NOT chase him around the house when he nicks our clothes, especially our knickers

Ah, yes, Mr. Dougs, sorry Dougal, has come into our lives and pretty much taken over it. Not that I'm complaining one little bit. He's cute, cheeky and a little bit naughty, but he's the family dog and we love him to bits.


  1. Sounds like the rules we were going to keep with our chocolate lab!

  2. Brilliant! Love it. We were exactly the same with our pup lol x

  3. Brilliant!!!

    He is so cute.. no wonder all the rules went out of the window.
    Fleur xx