Saturday, May 05, 2012

Tips for posting on Facebook

This was something I wrote as a guest blogger for another business a few months back. I have just happened upon it today and thought it might be of some use to you if you are just starting up on Facebook. Good Luck if you are................

posting on Facebook.................

I am a rather strong character. I may now live in Australia, but I was born and raised in Manchester and I am northern through and through. I find that, whether I like it or not, my personality comes through in the posts I send out on FB every day. And I think that that is a good thing. You too should try and let your true personality show in your posts :)

my advice to you all would be these three things.

1- Know who your customer is
2- Be yourself, honest, positive and polite
3- Stand out from the crowd

know who your customer is

I am very lucky as my customer is actually rather similar to myself. Female, aged 24 – 49 and a mother.  Start by looking at your FB and blog stats. This will help you to find out who YOUR customer is. What do they like to do, to read, to chat about? Get inside your customers head and think like they do.

So using my page as an example, my customers are generally mothers, in their 30’s, very busy with kids, jobs, cleaning and cooking..... These women are trying to do everything and be everything. These ladies want a page that will chat about cooking, cleaning, family, kids, multi tasking, escapism and  getting together to have a laugh when it all gets too much!

be yourself, honest, positive and always be polite

So once you have a good idea who your customer is, you need to add another ingredient. YOU and your shimmering personality! So with my strong, a bit quirky, let’s have a laugh type of personality, I try and put together posts that will engage my customer. Make them feel that they are part of Cheeky Pickle, that they are involved with my page, that they are helping me make decisions on things to do with the business, let them in a little to see my family life (not too much though, there is a fine line here) and have a laugh at the same time.

I try and make my page almost like a girly get together, where we can moan about the kids, the untidy husband and the endless to do list we have. I do try and put a positive spin on it though and intersperse these posts with, obviously, photos of my work and what’s happening with my business.

stand out from the crowd

Finally I would like to say, don’t bore your customers. There is now huge competition on FB with LOT’S of new little craft pages popping up every day. Personally, I am sick of reading the same type of posts “look at my new product....”e.t.c. 

 I am a “liker” of a LOT of pages and I skim past every one of these posts with a heavy sigh. They are BORING!!! However, the posts I come back to again and again are honest, real, engaging, make me laugh, bring me closer to the page owner, have great product photo’s and are conversational (if that’s a real word!!)

 Also don't forget to be polite. I do try to answer all of my customer’s posts in record time. It makes a difference, trust me. It shows you care and that your customer matters to you.

(o.k I wrote this a while ago and I am a lot busier these days. However, I do still try my hardest to answer every e mail and message I receive.....honest I do!)

Hope that helps guys. Just try and stand out from the crowd, because that crowd is getting much bigger every single day!

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  1. Thank Ali - your blogs are always so helpful x

  2. Thanks for this - I really can't decide whether to go down the facebook the moment I just have my blog- sometimes less is actually more! I appreciate reading your posts...always good informative stuff...thanks.

    Fleur xx

    ps. I have a great giveaway at the moment if you fancy popping over to my blog.

  3. Thanks girls, always appreciate a response to my blogs. No point in having this one stuck in my document file when hopefully it can help somebody who is struggling :) Good Luck with your comp Fleur!! xx

  4. This was a clear and refreshing reminder for whats really important when it comes to posting - the customers & likers of my page. I dont want to resort to having to 'buy' or bore my likers so honest & interesting posts are the key. Thank you xo

  5. Always a great read Ali. Truthful and filled with awesome reminders.Thanks =)

  6. Excellent advice as always - thank you.