Monday, November 07, 2011

Finally a day off and the most perfect day out.....yippee!!

As you know, I have been crazily preparing for Christmas markets for the past month. I have solidly worked every minute that I could, to stock up for the busiest time of the year. With only eight solid child free hours per week, I never thought that I would manage it. But I did, and even though I do still have a few very busy markets to come, I know that I can now ease off  a little. 

I had my first big market on Saturday and it was a huge hit. I met lot's of Facebook "likers", new customers and some lovely old friends. I sold lot's of stock, (which is always good, right!) and had a really fantastic day! 

Even my husband couldn't spoil my day when at one point he texted me saying "Please come home, I can't cope with the girls. I have flu, MAN flu!"

So with market number one ticked off, I told my family that I was having Sunday off. "Hooray" everyone shouted. 
We left behind the dirty dishes, the toys strewn across the lounge, the pile of ironing, the homework to do, the DIY, the school lunches to prepare, the orders to catch up on...............and last but no means least, we left behind our PHONES!!! 

And this was number 2's reaction!

It was completely my choice of day out for a change. It's usually my husband who is the day trip King in our household. However, his idea of fun is certainly not mine. His little jaunts usually entail a five hour round car trip, a stop for coffee and home again! But I was in charge today......

My idea of a good day out is to keep it as simple as you can. So we headed up to Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula (just a 20min drive from our house) and went to one of my favourite cafe's. Great coffee, simple food and positioned up in the trees with a very relaxed atmosphere. PERFECT. 

The girls stuffed their cute little faces with ice cream, while we relaxed with a coffee. To be honest, I actually think it's the first time I've relaxed and really talked to my family in a long time, without having something else to do. Why is there ALWAYS something else to do!

By chance the school over the road was having a country fair and it was brilliant! Great fair rides for the kids, pony rides, animal farm, rock climbing, show bags, sausage sizzle....What more could you ask for, for the most PERFECT day out :)

And today......well it's back to work as usual. But at least we all have a smile on our faces! Well maybe not my youngest daughter, who seems to have caught man flu!

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